Summer Trips

Alternative Breaks Maymester 2014

Construyendo para el Futuro: Urban & Rural Community Development in Nicaragua

Community Partner: Comunidid Connect

May 14th-28th, 2014 

Applications for Summer 2014 have closed. We hope you'll consider joining us next year!

This will be the fifth annual CU Alternative Breaks trip to Nicaragua with the nonprofit Comunidad Connect. Comunidad Connect’s mission is to the help Nicaraguan communities meet environmental, economic, and social opportunities through local and global resources. The trip will be focused on service work at two locations in Nicaragua with intermittent tourism activities. The first location will be in the central region of the country where we will work with an organization that provides shelter and care to children who used to live on the street with addictions to sniffing glue. The second location is in the northern region where we will work with residents of a rural community on a construction project. Tourism activities will include going to the beach, hiking a volcano, swimming in a crater lake, a mural tour, and a tour of Nicaragua’s historical colonial capital, Granada. Please join us for an amazing learning experience and eye opening two weeks in the warm and wet Nicaragua!

Cost: $2,500

Site Leaders: Jordan Thornlow & Mary Hains


Useful websites:

Comunidad Connect

Los Quinchos

World Factbook on Nicaragua


Nicaragua: Maymester 2013

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