Community Service Orientations

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce you to the principles of volunteerism while simultaneously looking at the importance of volunteerism in our society. You will also gain an understanding of how to engage in meaningful volunteering and in opportunities that are matched with your personal interests and talents. You will learn that volunteering is not merely a punitive experience, but rather an opportunity to engage in your community, share your passions with others, build your experience and resume, and have an enjoyable time!

Why Volunteer?

"It was absolutely amazing! Boulder flood relief was a very humbling experience and I will continue to help out. At the radio station I am continuing to volunteer to become a DJ! Both experiences I would have never got to do or learn so much if I didn't have required hours but I have learned volunteering is just a good individual activity to do and is very gratifying." ~ Boulder Municipal Court Student

Community Service Orientations for Fall 2014 are offered:

Wednesdays at 5pm in UMC 404

Thursdays at 5pm in UMC 404 or UMC 335

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Intake Staff will contact you to confirm your orientation and location.

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