Poverty Awareness Week

How will you break the cycle of poverty? 




October 15-19, 2014.  

Poverty Awareness Week is a way for us to learn about issues in our own community. 

For Poverty Awareness Week, the VRC takes over Norlin Quad to raise awareness about poverty and homelessness in the state of Colorado.Students, staff, faculty, and community members will be able to learn about poverty in our community while sharing their experiences. By creating a space where students are faced with the reality of homelessness and poverty in Boulder county, it brings the issue to the forefront and gets people thinking about doing their part to change others’ situations. This year we will be offering students an opportunity to create Poverty Awareness bracelets, leave behind a photo of themselves, watch a film about hunger in America, participate in a dialogue about poverty, donate clothing and run with The Herd at Nearly Naked Mile, and for sorority houses to donate their plate to those in need. Even if you haven’t felt the impact of these shifts in your everyday lives just yet, someone you know probably has and it's our goal to make more people aware.