Boulder Flood Updates

Reminder: Anyone involved in relief efforts is strongly encouraged to have an updated tetanus shot. 


Boulder Flood Relief

Boulder County Flood Information

Boulder Office of Emergency Management

Foothills Flood Relief Fund

Colorado Flood Relief Project

Red Cross

Boulder Flood: specific health and safety

CU has a number of resources available during these times and we urge you to reach out to them when you are in need; we know how scary it can be to be facing a natural disaster.

Social media can be a great resource, as well.

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Spring Break 2014

Out of the Storm: Restoring Estes Park in the Aftermath of the Flood

Community Partner: United Way of Larimer County & Rocky Mountain National Park

Location: Estes Park, Colorado

The AB trip to Estes Park will be focused on getting students involved in the flood relief effort. This service trip will be very hands-on and will consist of forest restoration in Rocky Mountain National Park, the reconstruction of homes and businesses around the town, and general community support and interaction. Another large portion of the trip will be learning the impact that the flood had on people’s daily lives, and ways that the outside community can help. When not helping the community, time will be spent in the mountains exploring the area and enjoying the outdoors!

Site Leaders: Walter Shoup & Kirstyn Johnson

Trip Cost: $385


Saturday, October 12, 2013


Volunteer and Give a Day! We are continuing with flood recovery efforts in our community. We're partnering with Boulder Flood Relief to help in restoring our community!

Register here!

September 25, 2013 

The VRC is continuing canvassing on Wednesdays to assess community needs. Volunteers will go door to door in high-affected neighborhoods and speak with home owners about the damage to their property and how Boulder Flood Relief can best help serve them. Please register here to volunteer from 10-1 on Wednesdays. 

September 20, 2013

The Volunteer Resource Center has received a great number of requests to help place volunteers in the community, and we have been continuously awed by the depth of compassion, dedication, and commitment to our community that we have witnessed.  Due to our organization's capacity, though, we are unable to accomodate many of these requests. We are organizing the Give a Day service event for tomorrow, in collaboration with Boulder Flood Relief. The VRC is also continuing canvassing on Wednesdays to assess community need. Please sign up to join us for one of these events!

We strongly recommend any individual or group interested in volunteering with the flood relief efforts be in contact with Boulder Flood Relief, as they are organizing a great number of volunteers to address the need in our community. Thank you for your commitment to rebuilding our communiity!

Boulder Flood Relief: Website, Facebook, Twitter

September 18, 2013

CU-Boulder volunteers were assessing the needs of the Boulder community today with Boulder Flood Relief!

We'll be returning to help with those needs on Saturday for our Give a Day volunteer event!

 Join us in rebuilding our community!

Register for Saturday 9/21

September 17, 2013

Volunteers, we have a couple of relief efforts this week! Wednesday, 9/18 we are looking for volunteers to talk with people that have been affected by Boulder's recent disaster. Sign up to volunteer with Boulder Flood Relief and the Volunteer Resource Center on Wednesday from 10am-1pm to canvass the community's needs and then take part in Give A Day on Saturday, 9/21 ~ when we will work with the need that was assessed on Wednesday.

Register for Saturday 9/21

Wednesday canvassing efforts will be ongoing for the next month at least!

Register for Wednesday 9/25

September 16, 2013

Many of you have inquired as to what you can do to assist the University, our students, faculty and staff during this very difficult time. As you know, the recent flood has done major damage to Colorado communities. The University of Colorado Boulder community is no exception.

We are fortunate that our physical damage is manageable and repairable; today, we reopened our CU-Boulder campus to resume activities as best we can. However, the flood has adversely impacted many CU students, faculty, and staff.

Some have lost critical belongings, vehicles, even homes or loved ones. After the mud is cleared and the waters recede, affected individuals will confront longer-term financial challenges—from replacing critical textbooks, to lost income, to insurance deductibles (for those covered) and property repair (for those not).

CU is marshaling significant resources to help those hardest-hit by the flood—providing meals and housing for affected students living at and around CU-Boulder, for example. But the financial need will exceed CU’s ability to help. As a result, we have established the CU-Boulder Disaster Recovery fund to help members of the CU family recover from this life-altering event.

If you would like to support our students, faculty/staff or the general recovery of the campus you may do so by contributing to the CU-Boulder Disaster Recovery Fund. Your generous donation will help our students, faculty, and staff resume their CU activities and rebuild their lives.

Thank you for your support as we weather this storm together.


Bruce Benson, President, University of Colorado

Philip DiStefano, Chanceloors, University of Colorado-Boulder

September 15, 2013, 11am: 

Volunteer Resource Center knows that everyone touched by a disaster of any magnitude wants to help, and we thank you for that! We especially know this is the case when a local community, loved ones, and ones self are being impacted. The very best thing you can do at a time like this is to take care of those people; yourself, your neighbors, your friend who may be in need, loved ones who need your assistance. 

We are committed to being part of the solution and this means assessing need. Please wait until the damage has been assessed and the need has been determined so that you can be a part of the solution! We want to give first responders the space they need to respond and often when we mobilize too soon we actually become a part of the problem, NOT a part of the solution.
We are committed to helping you help our community!
Please stay connected with us through this page, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.

September 15, 2013 at 10am: 


"I hate to put a halt to compassionate efforts but I’m writing to ask your assistance. The City and County have asked that clean up efforts planned for today (and most likely tomorrow) be postponed due to continuing flood risks. They are concerned that volunteers will get caught in flash flood locations along with areas that are already very saturated and may present higher flood risks and dangers.

Thanks in advance for your assistance in getting this information out as quickly as possible."

Deb Coffin
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Boulder flood relief volunteers not yet wanted, but there are ways to help

By Alex Burness, Daily Camera

Sept. 15, 10:30am

"The Boulder Office of Emergency Management is not currently asking for flood relief volunteers, and potential helping hands are being told to avoid disaster sites so as not to interfere with response efforts.

"The biggest help we can get is for people to remain calm and stay home so our first responders can get into the community and help get things understood and under control. After the situation has calmed, volunteer organizations will begin to coordinate the cleanup effort and donation centers will be established," the OEM said in a statement." Read More.